The Journal of segwaycop.
Somewhere along the line 07-22-07 12:43
All of my friends became older than me. With the exception of a few younger than me. But nobody my age.
My Namsake 07-12-07 13:04
This is an animation that my roommate and I worked on. It's the first episode of many.

I can't wait to do the next one, we got new tools to make the explosions look even better!
Check out the dust devils that are near the rovers right now:
PICNIC 07-09-07 14:33
For those of you who don't know, PICNIC is a computer acronym used in the IT field, it may describe your parents.

Amazing Insight 07-09-07 14:32
Right now I'm doing some work for a construction company. For those of you who don't know, my actual job is freelance computer consulting. That's a fancy name for "computer repair guy".

So the engineer who's computer I'm working on told me something awesome:
"To err is human, to really fuck it up you need a computer."
The Electric Car 07-07-07 16:42
Just watched the film "Who Killed the Electric Car". A documentary that shows how truly insidious the powers that be are. Whether or not the documentary is good is besides the point. The facts are there, people should be angry, but it feels like no one is. The most annoying part of the film is that there is nothing as far as information letting you know how you can fight back.

Side Note: All tape/film is created using petroleum. The irony of any oil protesting film.

So yea... Good electric cars don't exist because people don't what you to have them. Woopity doo.
Balancing Act 07-07-07 01:58
Today we started the planning for three more projects. One is a green scram nerd-rap (it will be extremely cheesy), the other a short animation about a dog, and finally a stop motion animation involving firemen. The rest of this month is going to be fun.
Music 07-06-07 11:17
Anyone check out the new Ween EP? It's fantastic, especially the first track "Friend".
battery exception 07-06-07 01:29
A Segway will only take you as far as your will to go forward.
Hello, 07-03-07 15:46
Hello my name is segwaycop. I'm new to elowel.